The Kerimov way– earning billions while the public lose a fortune

Who is the REAL Suleiman Kerimov?
Mr. Suleiman Kerimov is building a reputation of a legitimate businessman and philanthropist, who allegedly takes care of the poor and the needy. However, the truth is he makes every effort to maximize his profits at the expense of fellow investors, while cynically exploiting his so called 'philanthropic' initiatives.

Mr. Kerimov is in fact a seasoned and sophisticated businessman, who made it a habit to promote his narrow personal businesses, using a variety of financial entities. Those include front companies, affiliated companies, trustees etc. This entire structure's exclusive purpose is to bypass existing regulation, in order to enable Mr. Kerimov to achieve his personal goals at the expense of other investors. Thus, he manages to take over commercial sectors and international businesses, de facto manipulating both regulators as well as small investors like us.

We Call For:  

o   Mr. Kerimov and SKF to recognize their responsibility for our losses and compensates us and our 

     families in the amount of $2 billion, which his dubious actions cost us.

o   An immediate investigation into Kerimov's actions, which are allegedly not in compliance neither with the 

     law, nor with the customary norms in the financial and business world.

o   Complete transparency by Kerimov and his businesses, in the interest of fair trade and for the sake of 

     protection over us, the small investors.  

About Us:

We represent a group of small private investors, who suffered massive losses as a result of Mr. Suleiman Kerimov and his reckless and malicious business conduct.
We call upon others who were victims of Kerimov's conduct, large and small, to join the righteous battle to initiate an investigation by authorities and to recover investor’s lost money.
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